Planet Japan took place in March 2004 at the Unesco Palace in Beirut. Saër Karam was commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reveal his own vision of modern day Japan. His fascinating journey to the Empire of the Rising Sun resulted in a fresh and passionate exhibition. 

The 50 photographs stand as a timeless tribute to an amazing culture that shaped today's world. An island where tradition and modernity fuse seamlessly, a place like no other on the planet. 

Planet Japan.


Random Wanderings was inaugurated in May 2006 at the French Cultural Center in Beirut.

Saër Karam's sophisticated eye captured the essence of ordinary people in 12 cities throughout the world. Each picture stands as a tribute to cultural diversity.

His photos have a soul, which is attached to those of cities and people he has met during his random wanderings.


Paris-Beirut / Beirut-Paris, October 2008, was certainly the most personal exhibition of Saër Karam.

Its aim was to uncover striking similarities hidden in two cities that, apparently, have nothing in common.

His photographic installation eventually became a permanent exhibition on the walls of the Medgulf Amphitheater at the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires campus.

Paris-Beirut / Beirut-Paris, was a successful urban statement (outdoor prints, 4x6 meters).